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 About Us...   Benvenuto alla Pezzi Pizza, una fetta piccola dell'Italia. In English, that's welcome to Pezzi Pizza, a little slice of Italy in Sea Cliff. The decor includes a lovely painting on the wall that makes you feel like you're eating somewhere in Italy. Vintage Italian posters hang along the blue and white faux-finished walls, along with a bunch of vibrantly colored decorative plates. Whimsical blue and yellow tiles line the walls around the tables. A little bar, serving beer and wine, is tucked away in the corner. The dining room is bright and cheerful, with booths in primary colors, and a giant glass case full of calzones and pizza --which are some of the best around.

Pezzi Pizza
500 Glen Cove Ave
Sea Cliff, NY - 11579
Tel: 516-671-7222
Fax: 516-671-7409
 Hours of Operation:
Monday     10:00A - 10:00P
Tuesday     10:00A - 10:00P
Wednesday     10:00A - 10:00P
Thursday     10:00A - 10:00P
Friday     10:00A - 10:00P
Saturday     10:30A - 10:00P
Sunday     11:00A - 10:00P
 Credit Processing: